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Bombyx Legendary Inventors
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Legendary Inventors | BOMINV01FR
board game
EN - 12 (PDF)
Packaging content
Number of toy figures1 pc(s)
Game rulesYes
Packaging content20 Inventors Tiles, 85 Cardboard Tokens, 36 Invention Cards, 75 Wooden Cubes, 1 Cloth Bag, 1 Biographical Booklet
Packaging data
Package typeBox
DesignerFrédéric Henry
Maximum number of players5
Minimum number of players2
Suggested genderAny gender
Recommended age (min)10 yr(s)
Playing time (max)40 min
Game modesMultiplayer
Family game-
Non-competitive game-
Recommended age groupAdult & Child
Product typeBoard game
Who would have thought of Gutenberg and Marie Curie cooperating on the invention of the automobile? If Edison, Hippocrates and Fibonacci had worked together on the hourglass, which one of them would have claimed ownership? Would Tesla have become famous if he had invented the zeppelin?

From the invention of fire to that of the light bulb, from Aristotle to Einstein, The Inventors ™ invites you to revisit the history of technical progress.