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tent, pulling the webbing loops at points C and D until the tent floor is squarely and
semi-tautly positioned, and then stake them down.
Erect the Tent
Start with one of the pre-bent poles. Insert one of the capped pole ends into
the hub attached to the stake loop at point A (Figure 4). Take care that both
the webbing strap attached to the hub and the stake loop are not twisted.
Then, still working with the same hub, insert the two pole tips on the ends of
the short grommets at points E and F. Insert the other end of the pre-bent
pole into the hub attached to the stake loop at
point D, once again taking care that none of
the straps are twisted. Next, insert the two
pole tips on the two shorter pole sections com-
ing out of this hub into the grommets at I
and J. Repeat this process for the other pole/
hub combination that runs from B to C. After
the pole frame is erected, attach the clips to
the pre-bent poles starting from the bottom of
the tent and working your way up. Clip the
at point M around both poles.
Then, wrap the bungee cord on the Clip-Loc tightly around both poles, and
slide the cord into the groove on the backside of the clip, to keep the cord
taut (Figure 5). You now have one re-
maining pre-bent vestibule pole. Place
the tips of this pole in the grommets at-
tached to the clips at points 5 & 8 on the
tent body (Figure 3). Next, attach the
remaining clips to the vestibule pole. Fi-
nally stake out and tighten the vestibule
loops at points N & O (Figure 3).
Proper ventilation is essential for creating
a comfortable living space inside your tent. The vestibule door panel can be
rolled away for maximum ventilation. Because the vestibule forms an awning
over the door, you can often leave the door tied open in a rainstorm, provided
the door faces away from the wind. In addition to the above the Hercules As-
sault AST has been built with three vents, two in the front and one in the rear
of the tent. By opening these vents and using the zipper at the top of the ves-
tibule you can regulate the ventilation.
Internal Guy System
Sierra Designs was the first to introduce the revolutionary Internal Guy Sys-
tem. This system remains a very important feature in our Convertible and
4-Season tents. When installed, this simple system will greatly increase the
strength of your tent with the weight of a few guy cords. This system is very
useful in extreme weather conditions, but is not necessary under normal condi-
tions. Installation: All attachments are made inside the tent. All that is needed
are 4 pieces of guy cord of 100" lengths or longer, (line tighteners may be
used but are optional). Some guy cords and line tighteners are provided with
your tent, however, you can also purchase the “Internal Guy System” accessory,
which uses Swift Clips to eliminate the need to tie knots. There are nine web-
bing loops sewn to the interior of the tent body: one in each corner of the
floor at points A, B, C, & D and four on the tent ceiling at points 5, 6, 7, & 8
(Figure 3). For added strength along the sides of the tent, run the guy cords
between points on the tents as follows: A to 6, B to 5, C to 7, and D to 8. For
added strength along the front and rear of the tent, run the guy lines A to 8,
b to 7, C to 5, and D to 6 (in this configuration, the Internal Guy System will
partially obstruct the door way). With each guy cord, tie one end to the web-
bing loop in the ceiling. Secure the other end to floor webbing loop with a
double half-hitch or a line tightener.
Please note that 6tent stakes and 2guy cords were provided with this tent as a
courtesy. If you choose to use more than this when pitching your tent, addi-
tional stakes may be purchased at the store where you originally purchased
your tent.
First Pitch
In order to familiarize yourself with your new tent, we suggest that you “test
pitch” it before embarking on a wilderness trip.
Select a Site
Look for a level spot that is protected from the wind in order to ensure sleep-
ing comfort. Clear the area of debris such as sharp stones and sticks which
might abrade or puncture the tent floor. Choose an area that will drain well
when it rains.
Unfurl the Tent and Assemble the Poles
Unfurl the tent and lay the tent floor flat on the ground with the door un-
zipped. There are four hub pole assemblies attached to the tent—one at the
corner of each tent. On each hub, insert the short poles attached to the hub
into their corresponding holes in the hub (Figure 1). Lay these down at the
corners of the tents, untwisting
the attached webbing. There are
also 2 pre-poles of equal
length and one shorter pre-
bent vestibule pole. For
these three poles, careful-
ly unfold the shock
corded pole sections and
allow them to slide togeth-
er. Do not allow the poles
to snap together: This can
lead to serious pole damage.
Make certain that the insert of
each pole section is fully insert-
ed into the next pole section
(Figure 2).
Stake Out the Tent Floor
We recommend staking the floor prior to inserting the poles for greater pitching ease.
Although the Hercules Assault AST is a totally free standing tent, we suggest that you
always stake the floor for greater stability, especially in high winds. First, stake each
of the webbing loops at points A and B (Figure 3). Then move to the front of the

Vestibule Pole (1)

Hub (4)

Pre-bent Pole (2)


Your Sierra Designs


(Arc Support Technology)

tent is very easy to pitch

and maintain. Follow these

instructions to pitch your tent quick-

ly, safely and easily.

Figure 3: Tent Body (top view)


Tent Body: 1 Line Tighteners: 2
Tent Poles: 2 Pitching Instructions: 1
Tent Stakes: 6* Stake Sack: 1
Guy Cords: 2 Pole Sack: 1
Hub Assembly: 4
* Sierra Designs tents include stakes for pitching the body under normal conditions.
Additional stakes may be required in severe conditions.
Figure 2: Correct Pole Assembly
Figure 5: Clip Loc
Figure 4: Hub Assembly
Figure 1: Assembled Poles

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