Suunto M5 specifications

Suunto M5
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Suunto M5 specifications, prices, product images and videos.

Suunto M5 specifications

Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the Suunto M5.

Brand Suunto
Model M5
Product Sport Watch
EAN 6417084164889
Language English
Filetype EN - 54 Manual (PDF), EN - 47 Manual (PDF), EN - 55 Manual (PDF), EN - 61 (PDF), EN - 46 (PDF), EN - 102 (PDF), EN - 8 (PDF), EN - 3 (PDF), EN - 1 (PDF)
Weight & dimensions
Weight 40 g
Waterproof up to 30 m
Market positioning Sport watch
Barometric altimeter
Foot pod
Advanced workouts
Clock mode 12h/24h
Heart rate monitor
Heart rate-based calorie computation
Lap history 80
Battery type CR2032
GPS (satellite)
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Versatile guidance for multi-sport exercise

- Fitness test.
- 3 personal targets to choose from – improving fitness, weight management or free training.
- Daily exercise instructions with ideal duration and intensity.
- Automatically adapting exercise program for the next 7 days.
- Real-time intensity guidance during workout.
- Recovery time recommendation after exercise.
- Motivational feedback messages.
- Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, compatible with most gym cardio equipment and Suunto Fitness Solution.
- Upload exercise data to (with optional Suunto Movestick).
- Download any training program from (with optional Suunto Movestick).
- Track speed & distance (with optional Suunto Foot POD, Bike POD and GPS POD).
- Easy to use.
- 9 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish.
- Also available in Suunto Performance Packs - ready to go solutions with PODs for running and multisport.

Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast can benefit from a smart partner. Suunto M5 provides versatile guidance with optional speed and distance information for a wide range of sports.

Set your goals, and M5 provides an ideal daily workout schedule to help you achieve them – including telling you when it’s time to rest.

Guidance for every step

M5 heart rate monitor provides guidance every step of your journey towards better fitness. All you have to do is:
- Enter your personal data once.
- Choose your personal target – fitness improvement, weight management, or free training.

And your heart rate monitor does the rest, providing:
- A personal exercise program.
- Suggested workout for the day.
- Real-time guidance during your workout.
- Workout achievement summaries.

The M5 is optimized for any aerobic activity. The optional Foot POD, Bike POD and GPS POD* will send real-time data to your heart rate monitor on your wrist. So when you go jogging or cycling you will see your speed and distance covered. The PODs are easy to use - just attach them to your running shoe, bike, or arm.

Suunto Movestick wirelessly transfers your M5 training data to, and downloads any program from to M5.